The overall goal of the AICM postgraduate programme is to enhance the competency of agricultural information professionals, agricultural researchers and other development workers in AICM while strengthening the capacity of universities to provide higher-level education and research services in this field.
Specifically, the programme aims to produce AICM experts at the MSc level with competence to:

  • Develop and operate agricultural information systems, carry out research to identify the needs and problems of the different agricultural information users, and provide professional AICM support to the agricultural and related professionals
  • Facilitate the re-tooling of agricultural researchers, trainers, development experts and agricultural information support staff by providing mid-career postgraduate diploma training to enhance their proficiency in agricultural knowledge and communication management
  • Enhance the ICT/ICM content of existing MSc programmes in agricultural sciences to produce graduates who understand the importance of agricultural knowledge and communication management in developing and using agricultural technology, and will be self-sufficient in meeting their AICM needs
  • Introduce other forms of AICM interventions that will, in general, benefit researchers, academicians, students, policy makers and any other members of civil society in enhancing their professional careers and competency in AICM
  • Strengthen the capacity of universities to train AICM professionals and to provide research and consultancy services in technology diffusion and uptake.