This section will host content for all workshops organized and delivered by RUFORUM and its partners to support the delivery of the regional post-graduate programmes.
  • The general objective of the workshop was to equip academic staff involved in teaching and student supervision in the MSc AICM programme at Egerton University with the requisite tools to conduct collaborative content development with the aim of improving innovative content creation, teaching, learning and research efficiency. The workshop was facilitated by experts from NRI and RUFORUM to facilitate actual e-content development and alignment to the necessary skills on pedagogy for effective e-content development in AICM. The specific objectives of the workshop included:

    1. Build capacity in the use of web 2.0 tools (especially Moodle Learning Management System) in the creation of electronic content for use in teaching of AICM courses and in other programmes at Egeron University
    2. Form institutional mechanisms for e-content development, peer review and courtse delivery
    3. Retool AICM lecturers on innovative approaches to course delivery, research management and student supervision for effective implementation of AICM
    4. Introduce the lecturers to the features and utility of MLMS and platform for AICM programme delivery
    5. Establish follow up and support activities for administration and use of MLMS for web-based content development, teaching and research management jointly with NRI.